Marker Telephone OM-05 for pinpoint locations of position and depth of buried components

Item No. 43020006

Cable bracket for guiding pigtails inside the splice box

Item No. 10443450

Fiber end caps for Smooth Fiber Units with 2 or 4 fibers

Item No. 43022718
Available in 2 variants

Tracking pen for pinpoint locating of lines and splitters

Item No. 42602424

Water soluble chalk based marking spray, fluorescent yellow, for up to 260 m marking

Item No. 42466500

Expansion resin, 150 ml cartridge – expands to 0,75 l

Item No. 42466150

Trench warning tape "Achtung Glasfaserkabel" (German language), 250 m spool

Item No. 42601798