Passive outside plant cabinet for P2MP purposes, pre-configured with 256 SC/APC port and 1 splitter

Available in 2 variants

Panel for the WAVEPACE® ODF System, pre-assembled with 24 LC/APC quad ports and 96 pigtails

Available in 2 variants

FTTH Wall Outlet for 4 fibers with LC/APC duplex adapters

Item No. 10418993

Available as crimp or heat shrink version

Available in 2 variants

Splice patch wallbox for up to 4 adapters/12 splices

Item No. 10418994

Splice patch wallbox with patch frame for LC and SC adapters, 6 splice trays crimp

Item No. 10418990

Broadband antenna outlet 5 – 2.000 MHz, 1 port IEC-male, tap loss 0,2 dB with cover plate

Item No. 24000002
Available in 4 variants

Dimensions 600 x 400 x 200 mm

Item No. 74908963

Multimedia antenna loop-through outlet with extra DATA port, tap loss 3 x 10,0 dB (DATA/TV/Radio)

Item No. 21910001