WAVEPACE® MDU Wallbox, empty
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WAVEPACE® MDU Wallbox, empty

Available as crimp or heat shrink version

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Mini trishield coax cable 500 m drum, loss at 50 MHz: 5,7 dB, 862 MHz: 23,9 dB, halogen-free

Item No. 65508315

Trishield coax cable 500 m drum, loss at 50 MHz: 4,7 dB, 862 MHz: 19,5 dB, schwarz

Item No. 65170502

CX3 compression IEC-female connector for drop cables

Item No. 54269200

FTTH Wall Outlet for max. 4 fibers with SC/APC simplex adapters, pre-installed with 50 m in-house cable

Item No. 10418964

F-terminal resistor 75 Ohm

Item No. 54420000

Multimedia antenna loop-through outlet with extra DATA port, tap loss 3 x 15,0 dB (DATA/TV/Radio)

Item No. 21930015