F-terminal resitor TR-59-1/4-HQ
F-terminal resitor TR-59-1/4-HQF-terminal resitor TR-59-1/4-HQF-terminal resitor TR-59-1/4-HQ
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F-terminal resitor TR-59-1/4-HQ

Product number: 54420000

F-terminal resistor 75 Ohm

F-terminal resistor 75 Ohm, material: nickel plated brass

Item No. 60150320
Item No. 60140200

Adapter IEC14-female to IEC14-female

Item No. 60280900

Adapter 5/8-male to 3,5/12-female

Item No. 60280565

Adapter 3,5/12-female to 3,5/12-female, chassis

Item No. 60281000
Item No. 60180340