TrueDrop connector FM-MINI-TD QM 3,1 W/O O-RING
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TrueDrop connector FM-MINI-TD QM 3,1 W/O O-RING

Product number: 54280201

Quick Mount connector for e. g. Telass 40, screening min. Class A

Less signal noise, more user-friendliness and better overall reliability thanks to our proprietary, self-centering, conical connector interface, make TrueDrop connectors very adaptable to a variety of connection conditions, offer a uniform 360-degree contact, eliminate air gaps, reduce damage to the O-ring and counteract the rotation of the sleeve.


  • Quick Mount connector for e. g Telass 40
  • Mounting only with compression tool
  • 0,3 – 3.000 MHz
  • Screening > 93 dB, Class A*
  • Return loss > 37 dB


* Please note that the specified screening depends on the cable used. With high-quality coaxial cables, it is often possible to achieve better values than specified. You can find information on high-quality coaxial cables in our corresponding product category.

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