Compression IEC-connector IECm-56-CX3-4,9
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Compression IEC-connector IECm-56-CX3-4,9

Product number: 54268000

CX3 compression IEC-male connector for drop cables

Professional CX3 compression IEC-connector for drop cables, e. g. Ören HD-103 and Belden H126T00

3-Port SMATV antenna outlet with separate SAT-IF output,  tap loss 3,5 dB (TV/Radio) & 1,5 dB (SAT)

Item No. 21030000

Xiline plus 6-way splitter, 5 – 1.218 MHz

Item No. 50008001

RG6 trishield coax cable 100 m, loss at 50 MHz: 4,3 dB, 862 MHz: 18,6 dB, halogen-free

Item No. 65510311

Astro CATV Amplifier B3.1

Item No. 81217352

Crimp connector for BTC 1000/20 Cu, H126T00 and Ören HD-103

Item No. 54253000

Dimensions 600 x 400 x 200 mm

Item No. 74908963