Adapter Ff-IECmP HQ
Adapter Ff-IECmP HQAdapter Ff-IECmP HQ
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Adapter Ff-IECmP HQ

Product number: 56030500

Adapter HQ F-female to IEC-male

F-adapter HQ – F-female to IEC-male

F-adapter, 26 mm

Item No. 54500000

Adapter F-female to IEC-female

Item No. 56080000

Fixed-value attenuator F-male/F-female, 3 dB

Item No. 53051103

90° angled adapter F-female/F-male

Item No. 54190000

Fixed-value cable simulator in F-technique, 6 dB

Item No. 53130600

Adapter F-male to IEC-female

Item No. 56070000