Snap-on wire marker STD-12-Y-6
Snap-on wire marker STD-12-Y-6Snap-on wire marker STD-12-Y-6
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Snap-on wire marker STD-12-Y-6

Product number: 48421206

Snap-on wire marker, yellow, size 12, number 6, 300 pcs.

  • Snap-on wire markers for cables 4,50 to 6,00 mm
  • Color: yellow
  • Number: "6"
  • Color of applicator: yellow
  • 10 applicators


For simple and permanent marking or assignment of cables, wires, leads and cores after their installation.

Easy installation: The “wand” applicator is pushed over the marking line and the marker with your thumb over it. The marker opens and firmly grips the cable. Due to the particularly high material tension, the markers are non-slip.


  • Made of high-quality, extremely elastic polyoxymethylene
  • Resistant against oil, cleaning agents, fuels and alkaline solutions
  • Guarantees strength, dimensional stability, low moisture absorption and resistance to chemicals
  • Halogen-free
  • No stress crack generation
  • Highest resilience
  • Good sliding behaviour
  • Operating temperature range -40°C ... +106°C

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