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Product number: 10418991

FTTH Wall Outlet for 4 fibers without adapters and pigtails

  • WAVEPACE® Pre-assembled 4 port wall outlet for the fiber optic connection at the customer‘s premise (network level 5)
  • Without adapters and pigtails
  • Can be configured individually to your requirements
  • Please note that the products shown on the imagery are partially already cinfigured with adapters


  • Stable and appealing housing made of white polycarbonate
  • Hinged splice tray with molded splice protection holder for crimp and heat shrink
  • Patch access secured with spring-loaded protection hood and marked with a laser warning label
  • Versatile cable entries for all installation cases, from all sides as well as from the rear
  • Integrated cable strain relief via clamping segments for up to 5 mm diameter
  • Integrated management for fibers and wires
  • Cover with save locking and high dust protection level
  • Integration option of reflector elements, also inline for remote service
  • On request, the FTTH-WO-4F can be pre-assembled with the appropriate installation cable to avoid splicing at the customer‘s premise

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