WAVEPACE® Adapter, without flange
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WAVEPACE® Adapter, without flange

Available with various connector types

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WAVEPACE® Simplex patch cord with a G.657.A2 fiber in ∅ 2 mm, 2 m length and SC/APC-SC/APC connectors

Item No. 10448002

Xiline plus 1-way tap 16 dB, 5 – 1.218 MHz

Item No. 50116001

FTTH Pigtail set LC/APC, 12 fibers, for MDU Wallbox

Item No. 10445938

2 RU hardened optical PON amplifier for outdoor cabinets, 16 x 20 dBm

Item No. 10420871

Dimensions 600 x 400 x 200 mm

Item No. 74908963